6 Characteristics Of Healthy And Well-Maintained Hair

Hair may only be considered part of your appearance, but hair plays an important role in the functioning of your body. Healthy hair protects the scalp from the hot sun and harmful UV rays. 

Hair cells also stimulate the sound nerve, which plays a role in hearing and balance. For this reason, maintaining and caring for healthy hair is very important.

Fortunately, assessing hair health is pretty easy. If you’re wondering if your hair is healthy but aren’t sure how to find out, this quick and simple guide is for you. Check out reviews about the characteristics of healthy hair and when is the right time to do hair care.

Characteristics of Healthy Hair

Characteristics of healthy hair

1. Has a Natural Shine

One of the characteristics of healthy hair is that it has a natural shine that you can see. The natural shine of your hair is because the cuticles of your hair are smooth and light reflects off of them. 

If your hair is dull, restoring the natural shine of your hair is one of your goals for getting healthier and better hair.

2. Elasticity

The defining characteristic of healthy hair is its elasticity. All healthy hair is elastic and will return to its original state after being gently pulled. If you pull your hair out and it breaks, you may have damaged and brittle hair.

3. Softness

One sign of healthy hair is its softness. Just like skin, the hair also needs moisture to prevent dryness and dullness. If your hair doesn’t feel soft and smooth, consider implementing a planned hair care routine.

4. Closed Cuticles

Did you know that the cuticle on the hair can determine the health of the hair? It’s true; a closed cuticle indicates healthy hair while an open cuticle indicates damaged hair.

You can test your cuticles by taking a strand of hair and dipping it in a glass of water. If the strands float, it means that the water has not penetrated your hair shaft because the cuticles are closed. If the strands sink, you may have a problem with your hair.

5. Shrinkage

If your hair is curly or very textured, you can test shrinkage to determine if your hair is healthy or not. When your hair is manageable and doesn’t swell when it dries, this is a sign that your hair is fully moisturized and isn’t damaged by heat or chemicals. This is especially true for healthy black hair.

6. Minimal Hair Loss

On average, we lose 50-100 strands of hair every day. So, even though hair loss is normal, if you’re losing a lot of hair, it’s likely that you have a problem with your hair. Excessive hair loss can occur for many reasons, including stress, pregnancy, tight hairstyles, etc.

When Is the Best Time for a Hair Treatment?

Hair treatment

There are no specific rules about how often you should do hair care and use each hair care product.

In general, if you have dry hair, wash it twice a week. If you have thick or curly hair, shampooing twice a week is fine too. Owners of oily hair are advised to shampoo three times a week and not overdo it.

After shampooing, you are recommended to apply a hair conditioner according to hair type to maintain hair moisture. 

If needed, you can apply home hair care products, such as hair serum, hair masks, hair vitamins, and hair mist. When in doubt, ask a hair professional for advice on the best hair care routine and products to use for your specific hair needs.


You can determine the health condition of your hair after knowing some of the characteristics of healthy hair. To keep your hair healthy and well-groomed, it is highly recommended that you do the right hair care routine according to your hair type and needs.

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